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This community is for requesting layouts and helping others with layouts. Need a new layout? We`ll delivery it to you. Instead of asking for your passwords and going out of eachothers way to email and get in touch with eachother, ive decided to post a seprate entry of the layout. I will show the example pic of what it should look like, then the override codes. Its easier for me, its easier for you. The only thing you need to do is check back here in a day or two to see if its done, or i`ll comment in your journal. I`ll also be posting layout samples for you to see my work. In addition, i`ll be posting FO signs and icons that go with the layout sample.

1. You must credit us if we make a layout for you, whether its to layouts_4you or whoever the maker is. If you dont credit, you`ll get a warning. If we continue telling you credit, and you dont, you will be banned.
2. Every request/ post MUST be locked!!! if not, we will tell you to lock it, if you still dont, it will be deleted.
3. Be respectful to everyone including the makers and members here.
4. Layouts take awhile, so dont expect them to be done so quick..be patient!!!
5. If you dont like your layout that we made you, wait atleast a week before asking for a new one. Remember, we went out of our way to make you a layout, and worked very hard on them. it would hurt our feelings if you went and got a new layout the next day. So wait atleast a week.
6. I want a drama free community, so if you start any drama, you will be banned.
7. Every Application must be in a lj-cut. if you dont know how to do one, then scroll down to where it says 'how to do lj-cut'.
8. You obviously must JOiN to request any layout or images.
9. To show that you read the rules, when you comment to be added, put "I want to get Pimped" in your subject line.
10. Enjoy, and have fun!

This community it owned by: rachie0251

1. loribeth
** I need 2 more Co-Mods here. Co-Mods can help me make the layouts, take requests from members, and do some sample layouts. If you would like to be one, fill out the application below.

Any expirense? If so, list the community/communities you did layouts for:
What layout styles can you do?:

--current livejournal style: (generator, tabular indent, default, etc…)
--page translations: provide the number for the page transition you'd like to use.
--browser title: (example, currently at this journal, the browser title says '*_LayOuts_4yOu_*')
--Background IMAGE: (link to image, AND where do you want it to appear on your journal, or leave this blank if you want no image)
--Background COLOR: This is not your entry background color. The background color element is for the background underneith your background image.
--scrollbar: Do you want me to customize your scrollbar to match your journal? Provide colors if you can.
--font: (choose from examples or pick one of your own)
comic sans ms
times new roman
--font size:
--text-align: justify, right, left, or center
--font color:
--cursor: [examples: crosshair, nw-resize, default,ect.]
--link colors:
--entry alignment: (where your entries: left, right, center)
--entry border: (example: solid, dashed, dotted or double)
--border size:(1 thru 10, 10 being the thickest)
--border color:
--comments links: (what do you want your comments links to say? Any image you want between them? Link the image you want, or what symbol [example: | - + o () *]
--entries per page: specify how many entries per page you would like. choose between 1 and 50
--entry width: give a percent
--do you want your entries in a scrollbox, or just how it is?

*and anything else you want, just tell me specifically =]*</td>

--Background Image/ Color:
--Header Image:
--Color of Sidebars:
--Links on Sidebar:
--Link Color/ Effects:
--Browser Title:
--Page TRanslations
--Scrollbar Colors:
--Font Color:
--Font Size:
--Entry Border:
--Entry Border Color:
--Entry Border Size:
--Comment Links:
--# of Entries Per Page:

~NOTE: i can only do sidebar layouts in generator..i think thats the only style you can do it in.~

It seems alot of people dont know what page translations are. Page translations are an effect that happens when you enter or exit a page. an example is when it fades to the page you click. For more choices, or if you still dont get it, go to here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/howto/6617.html

How to do LJ-cut:
<*lj-cut text*="TEXT FOR LINK GOES HERE"> TEXT GOES HERE <*/*lj-cut>

credit to rentedlove for the background stripes!