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Welcome to pimp__my__lj. This community is for layout requesting and helping out. My old layout community was layouts_4you. This layout community is for LJ only! I decided to make and move to a new layout community to make this Friends Only bc people were stealing my layouts, not crediting, and using them on greatestjournal and other journal sites. Now i can keep track whos crediting, and taking layouts. Instead of crediting my username in your info, take one of the banners in the userinfo and that will be your sign of crediting. Get a layout here, and your journal will be officially pimped =]

♥ Rules
♥ RECENT ENTRiES               NEWS UPDATE: i need 2 co-mods here to help run the community, and help me with layouts and requests. please comment in the friends only post if you would like to be one. this community cant be up and running with out your help!
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im sorry to inform you about this, but im not taking anymore requests. the people who have requested layouts, i will be doing yours. As you know, alot of communities are going on hiatus and closing bc school is starting and stuff. We will be going on hiatus soon, im not sure when but very soon. I still have to do summer reading =/ and school will be starting around September 7th for me. We will go on hiatus prolly around the very end of August or early September. Eventually we will be closing as the year goes on. yes, im sorry about closing, but i will have tons of homework to do, and not enough free time to come back here and do requests. I will announce when we will be closing. I will miss this community dearly, and i will miss do layouts, thank you guys!! <33 rachel ( your mod)
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I want to get pimped [05 Aug 2004|07:25pm]

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[02 Aug 2004|08:37pm]

This Layout Journal is FRIENDS ONLY

-- Read the rules
-- Join in the userinfo
-- Comment to be added

Its as simple as that! =]
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